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Akademiks Men's Jeans

Founded in 1999 on the principles, "in the pursuit of truth", Akademiks mission is to inspire and lead the youth fashion revolution. This movement challenges authority and social standards with a loud voice, creativity and energy that is translated into a fashionable aesthetic.

From its inception, Akademiks has carefully crafted clothing for the denim enthusiast who craves quality and detail. Akademiks brings forth unique pocket placements, innovative stitching, and coordinated interior pocket fabrics. These elements of surprise separate Akademiks jeans from the competition and gives personality to its product. Vintage washed, hand-dressed, hand brushed, over-dyed tinted, potassium-sponged and tripled-dipped indigo treatments are a few of the innovative design techniques that bring credibility to the title "Jeanius Level Products." Also see a great selection of Women's Akademik Jeans.

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Men's Akademik jeans



Custom Made Jeans -
Starting at $59.00 or $79.00 with Fit Guarentee





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