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Blank Jeans

Blank Jeans

Not all premium jeans come with a premium price tag.

From the team that brought you the cult favorite brand ODYN, unveil the new cutting edge label Blank. Masterminds Emmy Lauridsen and Leigh Brown present a fresh take on the Jeans market by catering to the growing demand of fast fashion at an impulse price.

Launched in February 2007, Blank mirrors its predecessor by maintaining the same quality, fit, and integrity of a premium jean without the premium price. Blank successfully merges experimental ideas with proven methods and techniques to create a denim collection of fresh basics with hip style names like "Ike n Tina", "Crackerhead", and "Bamboo Banga", to represent its even hipper clientele.

In traditional denim, colored overdyes, and detailed accents, Blank merges the best from pop culture history into its design, by drawing inspiration from a variety of colorful expressions from past decades. Shop Blank Jeans below.

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