Blue Cult Women's Jeans

Blue Cult Women's Jeans

Blue Cult is one of the premier jean brands on the market today. On permanent display at the Muse de la Mode et du Costume in Paris are said to be the first pair of designer jeans -MacKeen Jeans- brought to us by the one and only French designer David Mechaly. Blue Cult just so happens to be David Mechaly's latest endeavor on the international fashion scene. Blue Cult's sexy constructions and vintage washes, as well as intricately detailed craftsmanship and classic French cuts stand out still as designer jeans that celebrities just can't get enough of. The Olsen twins, Jennifer Aniston, Selma Hayek, Brittany Spears and Drew Barrymore, just to name a few, are among the fashionable female figures that wear Blue Cult jeans for women.

Women's Blue Cult Jeans




Custom Made Jeans -
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