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Calvin Klein Men's Jeans

Calvin Klein Mens Jeans

Calvin Klein changed the world of jeans when they released their iconic designer jeans in 1978. Not only were the jeans amazing, but so were their ads. If you were alive when a fifteen year old Brooke Shields uttered the famous words, "Do you want to know what comes between me and my Calvin's? Nothing!" , you'll know what I mean.

In my personal opinion, Calvin Klein created the first classy, chic pair of jeans. Prior to that jeans were strictly casual wear or clothes to work in or get dirty in. Calvin Klein jeans were the first dress up jeans.

Today, Calvin Klein continues to produce jeans of the highest quality. The fit and finishes from the denim, to the stitching to the placement of the pockets are all superb. It's no wonder that Calvin Klein jeans are still a favorite with so many and gaining new fans every day. Shop Calvin Klein Mens Jeans below. Also check out these great Women's Calvin Klein Jeans.

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