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Acne Mens Jeans

Acne Mens Jeans

Acne Jeans is a Swedish denim manufacturer and part of the Stockholm-based design firm "Ambition to Create Novel Expressions" (ACNE). The denim offshoot began in 1997 when ACNE designed 100 pairs of jeans to distribute to friends, family and clients of the company. Before long a public request for these raw denim jeans with red stitching appeared, and the following year (1998) Acne Jeans released its first collection. Ever since Acne Jeans has released two yearly collections every spring and autumn.

The products designed by Acne Jeans follow a very minimalistic style which also characterizes other Scandinavian fashions designers such as Filippa K. However, Acne Jeans is known to do things their own way. For example, Acne Jeans abstains from advertising in any fashion magazine, instead they have published their own fashion magazine Acne Paper twice each year since 2005.

ACNE Women's Jeans also come in a variety of styles and washes.

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