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Citizens Of Humanity Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Jeans

From Seven creators Jerome Dahan and Michael Glasser comes Citizens of Humanity. An equally fantastic-fitting line of premium denim, Citizens of Humanity Jeans stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. Each pair of jeans - skinny, wide leg, boot cut - wears the signature "h." But look for a slight twist to the logo depending on the cut of the jeans. They're smart, they're sexy - and they're fashion with a cause: for every pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans sold, a portion of the proceeds goes to Conservation International.

Citizen of Humanity jeans Made in the USA of imported fabric. If you need help finding your correct size please see Citizens of Humanity Jeans Size Chart.

The Official Citizens of Humanity Facebook PageCitizens of Humanity Facebook Page
Official Citizens of Humanity Twitter PageCitizens of Humanity Twitter Page


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