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G-Star Womens Jeans

G-Star RAW Womens Jeans

G-Star RAW is a Dutch clothing company which produces high fashion urban apparel. The G-Star brand specializes in making RAW denim. This is an unwashed, untreated denim that all jeans start out as after they are constructed. The G-Star clothing line is highly influenced by military apparel; inspiration for their designs come from vintage military uniforms bought around the world. Some examples include special cell phone pockets and zippered arm pockets on jackets.

From their conception in 1989, G-Star, G-Star Raw and G-Star Denim have been known for innovative and cutting edge style. The raw characteristics of G-Star allows G-Star Denim jeans to maintain their distinct and unorthodox style. Shop G-Star RAW Womens Jeans below. Also see a great selection of G-Star RAW Men's Jeans.

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