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Genetic Denim Jeans

Genetic Denim Jeans

Genetic Denim is known to have the softest denim in the market. The handfeel feels like butter. And most importantly it fits everyone. If you look at all the celebs that wear Genetic Denim, they are all different shapes and sizes. From Jennifer Lopez to Mary Kate Olsen.

Genetic Denim offers two distinct fits to their jeans, dominant and recessive. A dominant fit is a fuller jean with a little extra room and an un-contoured top. The other type of fit, a recessive fit, is a low rise jean. This particular jean provides a sexier and tighter fitting jean.

Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Cameron Diaz all love  wearing Genetic Denim. Ever since they launched their jeans a year and a half ago, they have become a favorite with celebrities. Genetic Denim jeans are made in the USA.


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Women's Genetic Denim Jeans



Custom Made Jeans -
Starting at $59.00 or $79.00 with Fit Guarentee





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