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William Rast Jeans

William Rast Jeans

Bring sexy back with Justin Timberlake's line of William Rast denim. These jeans combine casual comfort and celebrity coolness.

"William Rast is the child of talent, design, and success. When a multi-platinum recording artist and his best friend and business partner decide to make clothes, the potential becomes limitless. Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala, dressed up or dressed down, define class, comfort, and style. Together they design the threads to match and deliver a brand that infuses the soul of authentic southern heritage with the energy of contemporary Hollywood. William Rast allows the wearer to go confidently from casual to cosmopolitan. It is perfect for the man on the go or the starlet out on the town. It is fashion minus the pretense. Inspired by Dixieland, William Rast is a testament to Justin and Trace's Tennessee roots; "William" is the first name of Timberlake's grandfather and "Rast" the last of Trace Ayala's.

William Rast first hit retail floors of North America in November 2005. In October 2006, during LA Fashion Week, William Rast officially launched their expanded sportswear Collection. The highly anticipated fashion show took William Rast to the next level. The collection consists of jeans, vests, shirts, sweaters and a signature pea coat. The show solidified William Rast as a brand beyond celebrity, delivering quality, detail, design, and comfort and making a clear statement that rock n' roll sex appeal and modern sensuality are always in style!"

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