How To Distress and Destroy Your Jeans


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How to distress and destroy jeans

What Might Not Work:

  1. Any type of bleach solutions. It is just too easy to ruin the jeans and I think it weakens the fabric when you use bleach. If you want to try it, here is one recipe... One part bleach to two parts water. There are many different methods that give totally different affects. You can try a spray bottle, adjusting the stream until you get the affect that you like. You can use a paintbrush and go for a "painted on design" from bleach. You can rubber band your jeans first so that the bleach will apply in a more random manner.

  2. Scissors... For a couple of reasons. It looks obvious that you did the destroying. I think it's hard to use scissors and make a cut that looks like natural wear. If you mess up, the jeans are ruined. I prefer methods that are not dramatic and do not put the jeans at risk of ruin. I prefer the method in number 5 above.

  3. You can also use power tools with grinding tips or other abrasive attachments. They will help you do things faster, but at the risk of overdoing. A Dremel Moto Tool is probably the easiest to handle and there are special tips with sandpaper attached.

  4. Marker pens, unless you want to create art.

And if you don't want to try it and would rather get a great pair of jeans that are already distressed / destroyed please check out: Distressed / Destroyed Jeans Shopping.





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