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Distressed Women's Jeans

Women's Distressed - Destroyed - Destructed - Bleached Jeans

The terms distressed and destroyed can cover a wide variety of jeans looks. What they all have in common is that the jeans have the appearance of having been worn and broken in. They are reflecting the look of a favorite pair of jeans that you just can't give up.

Distressed jeans generally refer to a milder form of wear. Destroyed jeans generally refer to a more severe distressing that usually includes holes and/or rips.

For those who like to take on a fun DIY project, or those who just want a truly unique pair of jeans we have instructions for How to Distress / Destroy Your Denim Jeans. Also see a selection of Men's Destroyed / Distressed Jeans.


Distressed / Destroyed Women's Jeans