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Dodostyle Women's Jeans

Dodostyle Women's Jeans

YesStyle bestseller Dodostyle is right on the pulse of today's Asian fashion scene with its eclectic but modern fusion of frilled, feminine styles and edgy, urban-themed layered looks. Taking inspiration from Korea and Japan, Asia's two hotbeds of style, Dodostyle captures the hearts of trendy young women who have taken the art of mixing and matching clothes to a whole new level.

The brainchild of philosophy major-turned-fashion designer Kim Hyo Jin, this hip clothing label perfectly blends the unique style sensibilities of Korean and Japanese fashion. Made entirely in South Korea, every piece in Dodostyle's collections seamlessly coordinate to create exceptional looks. From beribboned lace tops matched with vintage-style denim skirts to different tees layered over ruffled miniskirts and leggings, each piece is designed to have its own character and uniqueness. Dodostyle breaks tradition and defies convention by inspiring its youthful market to follow their own fashion instincts and create their own individual styles.


Women's Dodostyle Jeans

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