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Flare Jeans

Flare Leg Jeans

Flare Leg Jeans

Flare leg aka bell bottom jeans are defined by the way they get wider from the knee's down. When looking at the jeans from the front or back they have a 'bell' look to them.

It is believed they were first worn in 1917 by sailors, and were preferred over straight-leg jeans, because they could be easily rolled up and were easier to remove if they needed to abandoned ship. Sailor's were also known to use them as a 'life preserver' by tying knots at the knees.

In the 1960's they were very popular and were known as Bell Bottoms. They became popular again in the 1990's but marketers preferred to market them as Flare Jeans instead of Bell Bottoms.


Flare Leg / Bell Bottom Jeans

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