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How To Hem Jeans

How To Hem Jeans

I am so excited that I found this method of hemming jeans! It's not only easy, but I can leave the excess fabric on so I can take the hem back down if I want to. Plus, it looks identical to the original hem!

This is fantastic for my daughter's jeans, especially now that she's in Junior Jeans, they're much longer than Kid's Jeans so they start out longer, but she's growing like a weed and it's great to be able to let them down as I so often need to. This method of hemming jeans is also great for jeans that I hemmed for flats but later find a to die for pair of heels to wear with them!

The video gives you very easy step by step instructions. I am not a sewer, but this is a breeze for me. Even if you don't own a sewing machine you can still follow the instructions, but use some No Sew Hemming Tape Regular Weight-5/8 X 20 Yards available at any craft or fabric store. I don't know if the No Sew product is removable, but it might be.

This method shows you how to hem your jeans so that the hem looks just like the original. If you don't cut away the excess, they're easy to make longer again. It's super EASY and it looks great!




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