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How To Shrink Jeans

How To Shrink Jeans

How To  Shrink Jeans

One of the most frequently asked jeans questions is "how do I shrink jeans?" I'm not sure if the question is so common because a lot of people are losing weight, or because most jeans tend to stretch out a bit. I think the most likely reason is that we tend to buy jeans that we love, even if they don't fit us quite right.

Regardless of the reasons why, the short answer is that you can shrink jeans a little, but they will most likely stretch back out again. And, they won't shrink at all if they are truly pre-shrunk.

If you want to try and shrink your jeans, wash them in hot water or boil them. Then put them in the dryer on the hottest, highest, setting it has. That should shrink most jeans, if they're going to shrink. Keep in mind that they will most likely stretch back out again as you wear them. Don't waste your time soaking in the bathtub with your jeans on, you won't get as much shrinkage as you will with the method above and it's terribly uncomfortable.

If you really want to make your jeans smaller, you will need to alter them. Most dry cleaners offer this service, or you can look for a tailor near you, or see How To Make Your Jeans Smaller to do it yourself. There is an extra benefit to having your jeans altered, they will fit you perfectly.

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