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Baby Girl Jeans

Jeans for infants can be tricky. It's tempting to just pick the cutest pair, but wait...There are two major points to remember when shopping for jeans for your baby girl.

First consideration is comfort for your precious baby. Some jeans and pants are like miniature adult versions, and babies are not miniature adults.  They shrink a pair of adult jeans down and add some elastic on the waist and call them infant jeans. Babies' proportions are totally different from adults. Look for jeans that are shaped like your baby girl is shaped (plus diaper). I know that sounds basic, it is, but time and time again we buy jeans that look so cute, without really looking at the shape of them. Take a moment to make sure there is a large enough waist, room for a diaper, and wider, shorter legs.

Look for fabrics and denims that are lighter weight, and preferably with some stretch. They should not feel stiff at all, babies are rarely straight, they are squiggly, wriggly, curvy cuties. Stiff jeans can not only be restrictive, they can actually chaff her tender skin.

Second most important consideration is ease of dressing, for you and your little cutie. It's not just frustrating for you if a garment is hard to get on and off, it's frustrating for her too. I don't think that infant clothing has to have snaps and openings everywhere, they just have to have enough give to come on and off easily, and some properly placed openings. Again, the cuteness factor of some jeans can override your common sense. Stop, look and evaluate before you buy.

I can't tell you how many cute pair of jeans I've bought for my kids that they never wore, for one or the other of the reasons listed above. Here are some cute girls infant jeans that are reasonably priced. Also see a selection of Infant Boy's Jeans.


Infant Girl's Jeans

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**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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