How To Remove Ink Stains From Jeans

Jeans Care - How to Remove Ink Stains From Jeans

How To Remove Ink Stains From Jeans

The first time I got an ink stain on a shirt, I threw it out. I thought it was hopeless and didn't have a clue what to do to remove the ink stain.

When I got an ink stain on my favorite pair of jeans, there was no way I was going to throw them out. I did some research and found a method to remove the ink stain.

Hairspray and Bar Soap:

Most ink stains can be removed using hairspray and bar soap. It worked for the first ink stain I tackled and many more since then.

Spray hairspray until the ink stain is wet, then rub bar soap on it, then wash as usual.

I haven't tried this method, but here's another one to try:

Put your jeans on the floor, get a wet rag and put the rag on the ink stain flat. Take an iron and put it on the rag over the ink stain. The iron will pull the stain through the rag. I hear this also works wonders on ink stains on carpets, just be careful not to burn anything.





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