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How To Remove Tar Stains From Jeans

Jeans Care - Remove Tar Stains From Jeans

How To Remove Tar Stains From Jeans

By far and away, the worst stain I've ever gotten on a pair of jeans was a tar stain. I swear the tar had it out for me from the moment the guys said "stay away from the tar, it's nasty stuff". I'm telling you it was bound and determined to get on me so all those cute guys could laugh and point at me.

Of course it couldn't have been an old pair of jeans I could live without. It had to be one of my best fitting, favorite pair of jeans that got the tar on them.

How To Remove Tar Stains From Jeans:

I got this answer from a guy who lays driveways, and it really works. Use olive oil, vegetable oil, grape seed oil or the like. Just apply it to the tar stain, use your fingernail or toothpick or some type of scraper to get the tough stuff out. Follow with some dishwashing soap (Dawn really does work the best) to flush the last of the tar and to remove the oils. Then follow immediately with a normal wash. Check the spot before drying, but the tar stain should be completely removed.



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