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Jeans Care - Shrink Black Jeans Without Fading

Do you have a pair of black jeans that are just a little too big? You just need them to shrink up a little bit but you're afraid the color will fade if you attempt to shrink them?

You might be able to shrink them a bit, but they will most likely stretch back out. Don't expect a large amount of shrinkage unless the jeans were not pre-shrunk properly off the rack.

Suggestions For Shrinking Black Jeans Without Fading:

Wash them in cold water. Hot water can cause fading, always was black jeans in cold water.

Turn the black jeans inside out and wash them with detergent for darks if you have it. The washing machine's agitator breaks down the fibers in the cloth enough to allow the dye to fade.

Tumble dry on HIGH heat. Hopefully your jeans will have shrunk enough to fit and yet still have their rich black color.

If the jeans are really just too big, I would recommend taking them to a dry cleaner or tailor for alterations. Or if you have some basic sewing skills you can Make Your Jeans Smaller. You'll end up with a perfectly fitting pair of jeans!




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