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Jeans Care - Leather or Suede Stains on Jeans

There are many ways that leather and suede can stain jeans. Sometimes it's a new pair of boots or shoes that are the culprit. Sometimes it's a leather detail on the jeans themselves. I had a pair of jeans with laces up the sides of the legs and they stained my jeans. Leather and suede stains on jeans are no fun, but they can be dealt with.

Remove Leather or Suede Stains on Jeans:

Dye bleed caused by leather and suede is difficult and sometimes impossible to remove. Do not dry the jeans until all attempts to remove the dye bleed have been exhausted. Sometimes simply rewashing in the hottest water possible and a cup of ammonia along with detergent is effective. Rewashing in detergent and all-fabric bleach is sometimes effective too. There are commercial dye bleed remover products that may be effective and are available in laundry product aisles. I know that Rit makes one and I think Carbona also makes one. Most leather and suede stains can be removed, but sometimes it takes more than one method to get the job done.



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