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The Destination for Trendy plus-size Fashion

Before Torrid launched in 2001, there weren't many shopping options for the fashionable plus-sized girl. Sure, she could look pretty fierce in men's jeans and tees, but, from lingerie to dresses, there weren't many options for feminine plus-size clothes for young women and teens.

Torrid recognized this and created a women's plus-size fashion line inspired by fashion icons, runway shows, music and pop culture. We also fit our line on a plus-size model so our customers could get fabulous fashion in sizes 12-28. Now, with styles from hot labels like Betsey Johnson and Jezebel added to the mix, Torrid is the destination for trendy plus-size fashion. And with plus-size jeans from Ed Hardy and more, Torrid girls can ditch those men's jeans for good!

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