Jeans For Bigger Waists

Jeans To Fit A Big Waist

Jeans To Fit Bigger Waists - Straighter Bodies

Jeans To Fit Bigger Waists

If you don't have a big waist, just a straight up and down figure with little to no curves, see: Jeans For Straight Bodies.

Just want a little help making your tummy look slimmer, see: Tummy Control Jeans

Denim leggins or Jeggings are great for bigger waists because they usually have a flexible waistband.

Here are some suggestions for people (like me) with larger waists:

- Donna Karan - stretchy classic boot cut... very comfy... more on the high-waisted side for those of us who are more modest.

- Ralph Lauren RL brand: also stretchy & comfy (these are not form fitting jeans), but leg is a little less wide than the DK's

- Old Navy girl's department... for loose baggy fitting jeans. Good if your inseam is 26-27 inches like mine is, and you're sick of having everything hemmed.

- J Crew: Pricey, but they have a slimming effect and make your legs look LONG.

- Gap: low rise, boot cut, stretch.

- Duplex: Stretch jeans, these are almost too big for my waist! It feels really good to have to wear a belt.

-Levis Fuller Waist Boot Cut 590 Jeans

- Tahari: not jeans but I find these at Marshall's all the time and they are the most flattering dress pants ever!

- Try shopping at Abercrombie (did I really just say that? yes I did). They have a good variety and good sizing system.  Also, it can be good to talk to the fitting room gals to get an objective opinion.  What you think fits you in the waist but not in the butt area may look just fine. You have total control over the fit, flare, rise, length, everything. They start at just $48.00! The perfect pair of jeans, great looking, comfortable and the perfect fit.


**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links 



**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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