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Short Jeans

Jeans For Short Women

Are you vertically challenged? Or, in other words, are you short?

Many women who are short (5' 4" and under) find it difficult to find jeans that they don't have to hem.

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Luckily, more and more women's jeans are available in specific lengths. Gap, Old Navy and many other jeans come in short, regular and long lengths. While specific lengths are preferred, at least there are more jeans available for short women today, than ever before.

Stay away from cuffs, they almost always make you look shorter. And while boot cut jeans are generally thought to look the best on most bodies, a straighter leg is better to make you look taller. Of course, it depends on your body shape, always consider what is flattering to your overall shape before considering what makes you look taller. If you look really great in cuffs or boot cut, then just make being short work for you.

If you can find the perfect fit jeans for you, don't hesitate to have them professionally hemmed. Larger stores like Nordstrom's can tailor them for you. Local dry cleaners usually offer alterations for a reasonable price. It's better to find the perfect pair of jeans for your shape, then to find the pair that is the just right length.

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Jeans Available in 28" - 32" Inseams

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