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Jeans for Small or Flat Butts

Jeans for Women With Small or Flat Butts

Jeans for Small / Flat Butts

Could your derriere be considered petite, small, flat, little, diminutive, or even seemingly non-existent? Never fear, while you'll probably never have Kim Kardashian's assets, you can still look great in a sexy pair of jeans!

Find great jeans to fit body types with small or flat butts. Tips, suggestions and a selection of jeans to make the most of your butt in jeans...

Here are some tips:

  • Try a tapered leg or skinny jean to make your bum more noticeable.

  • Even a small kitten heel will add curves to your profile, a tall heel will work wonders.

  • Flap pockets will add dimension, try True Religion, Stitch's, or Hudson flap pocket styles.


Here are some great jeans styles to try if you have a small and / or a flat butt:

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