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Jeans to Fit A Straight Body Type

Jeans To Fit a Straight Body Type

Body Type: Straight or Slight Curves

Jeans For A Straight Body TypeYour Shape: You may be overweight, underweight, or normal weight -- but if your body is devoid of curves, you might be thinking men's jeans are the only answer. They're not. Fashionistas say that if your body is a straight road from head to toe, it's up to you to throw in a few curves -- and the right jeans can do that.

Look For: A slim or skinny leg is great for creating the illusion of curves because they are wider at the top and taper to the the bottoms. Jeans styles that hit at your natural waist. You want to to highlight the smallest part of your waist. Back pockets with flaps, cargo pockets and other embellishments will add a little bit of bulk here and there to mimic a curvier silhouette .

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Jeans Styles To Avoid: Loose jeans, baggy jeans, flare-leg jeans, and wide straight legs.

Style Recommendations:Levi's® Curve ID Jeans - Slight Curve Jeans; American Eagle Straight 77 Stretch Jean; Tag Jeans; Hudson Jeans; Jeanology by Newport-News in slim fit.







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