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Jeans For Your Body Type

Advice on Finding Jeans For Your Body Type

Jeans For Your Body Type

I see so many questions asking what the best jeans are, but that totally depends on your body type. What looks and feels great on someone with a curvier shape will not usually work for someone with a straighter figure, etc. Well, there are the jeans from "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", but I haven't found a real pair of jeans that fits all different sizes and shapes yet.

There are women who were born with the very shape that most jeans are designed for. These lucky women can try on jeans and have most of them look and fit great. But, if you're like me, you have to try on 10 or more pairs of jeans to find one pair that fits just OK. I was so frustrated, I love wearing jeans, but I hated shopping for them. Not anymore, I've finally found jeans that really fit and look great. I now know the brands and styles that suit my body type the best and shop from a selection that fits me.

I hope the following links will help you find some great jeans, without all the frustration I had to go through.


Levi's® Curve ID Jeans - Jeans For Your Body Shape


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