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Serfontaine Jeans

Serfontaine Women's Jeans

Serfontaine's Biography

... the re-birth of Cool. Imagine a denim line with a chic, rock-n-roll vibe - both edgy and sophisticated with an amazing fit and revolutionary fabric technology. Why should a woman have to choose between sexy or comfortable? Well, now you don't have to!

Innovation is the name of the game. In 1999, while running his clothing boutique in Los Angeles, Mik Serfontein was unable to find the perfect fitting pair jeans so he decided to create his own. He immediately enrolled in design school intent on filling a void in the denim market. He didn't want to follow any formulas but instead be the trend setter. According to Mik, "I needed to learn the rudiments and techniques. To break the rules, you need to understand them first". And break them he did. In 2000, he along with his wife Maria launched Serfontaine Jeans and introduced the 'easy rider' jean to the denim arena - it was immediately christened 'the most Rock 'n Roll jean around' by Allure magazine. Subsequently they invented the 'Rope Stitch' which is an unusually thicker than average stitching that has been emulated throughout the industry. They later went on to be one of the first brands to use organic standards in their washes as well as pioneers in using bi-stretch technology. "Our premium denim is focused on technology and through technology achieving a superior fit" states Mik. The addition of bi-stretch creates a fit that feels customized to every woman's shape.

If Mik's expertise is technique, credit his wife Maria Serfontein for bringing the Flair. As business partner and Creative Director, Maria brings her love of fashion and all things sexy to the brand. Born in Madrid, Spain she has a strong background in retail and wholesale but it is her life experience that makes her an expert. A wife, mother and entrepreneur, Maria knows what women want and designs for the confident, discerning and independent woman we all strive to be. She is feisty and intelligent. The perfect muse for this avant-garde brand.

The success of Serfontaine has transcended borders, with a cult following around the world. The brand is sold domestically as well as in over 20 countries worldwide. In the sea of denim brands out there Serfontaine stands on its own. The brand has continued to evolve itself over the years consistently staying ahead of trends while managing to stay true to their roots. With the primary focus being quality fabric, cutting edge fashion and superior fit, Serfontaine will continue to Dominate.

Women's Serfontaine Jeans



$124.00  $73.00






Custom Made Jeans -
Starting at $59.00 or $79.00 with Fit Guarentee





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