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How To Tailor Jeans

How To Tailor Jeans

How often do you actually buy a pair of jeans off the rack that fits perfectly? Waist, thighs, butt, length, everything? If you're like me, never.

Luckily though, it usually takes just a small adjustment to get just the right fit. Probably the number one issue most of us face with our jeans is that they are too long. If you have kids, learning to hem jeans is an extra handy skill to learn.

One wonderful reason to need to tailor your existing jeans is if you've lost weight. While it's fun and rewarding to buy new clothes, it's not always practical. I always have some jeans on had that just don't quite fit right, I don't know how that happens, but when I get the energy I try to go through them and usually I can find a pair that just needs a little bit of tailoring to be my next favorite pair of jeans.

Instructions for Tailoring Your Jeans


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