How To Iron Your Jeans

How To Iron Blue Jeans

How To Iron Denim Blue Jeans

I've been ironing my jeans for years and never gave it much thought until I started I soon learned that many people don't iron their jeans. When I realized that for many of those people, it was because they don't know how to iron their jeans, I just had to share.

The other reason many people don't iron their jeans is because they don't see the point. I personally love the look and feel of ironed jeans, it makes me feel more polished and put together. Sometimes you might not realize that the pair of jeans you're admiring on someone else, isn't because the jeans are so special, but because the wearer took the time to iron them.

It's not hard to iron denim jeans, it's easier than most other items because denim is very forgiving. You just need to try it once, and I think you'll be hooked on wearing your jeans ironed.

Items You'll Need To Iron Your Jeans:

  1. An iron with steam or a dry iron and a spray bottle filled with water set to fine mist.
  2. An ironing board is preferred, but if you don't have that a counter or sturdy table or any other flat, safe area that you can lay a towel down on to iron the jeans on.
  3. Optional: spray starch

Decide If You Want a Crease, Or Not:

Gererally speaking, the style is to not have a crease, but for wide leg jeans, it can look a lot better to have at least a bit of a crease.

Get Ready To Iron Your Jeans:

Set up your ironing board or clear a safe area and lay a towel down. Plug in your iron and set it to Medium High if it doesn't have a jeans or denim setting. Light steam setting on your iron or a spray bottle set to a fine mist. If you like, spray starch, just spray a light mist on before each step below for an even more professionally pressed look.

Iron Your Jeans:

  1. Iron the waistband of the jeans: Open the zipper of the jeans and spread out the waistband so that you can iron the inside of the waistband first. I start in the middle of the waistband and work my way out toward the button hole first, then I go back to the middle and iron to the button. Next do the outside of the waistband. Pull and stretch the waistband a little bit before flipping it over and you'll have a perfectly ironed waist. If you don't have a steam iron, this is where the spray bottle is helpful, lightly mist the waistband before ironing to make it easier to get the wrinkles out.

  2. Iron the top of the jeans: Flip the jeans over again and iron from the waist down the seat of the jean from the inside. Zip and button jeans and lay flat with the front facing you and iron the around the zipper and top front of the jeans. Flip them over and iron the seat of the jeans.

  3. Iron the seams: Fold the jeans so that the two inside seams lay against eachother and the two outside seams line up with them (so that the legs are lying on top of eachother). Lay the jeans legthwise down the ironing board and fold back the top leg. Iron the inside seam of the bottom leg. Don't worry about ironing the other part of the jeans, unless you want to create a crease. If you want a crease, absolutely iron the edges as well as the seam. Lay the top leg back down and do the outside seam that is on top. Flip the jeans over and reapeat on the other side.

  4. Iron front and back legs: Pick your jeans up and unfold them. Lay one leg flat on the ironing board with the seams laying on either side. Iron, flip, iron. Repeat with other leg. Carefully iron the hem as you go, sometimes it helps to use the tip of the iron to get the inside of the hem a little bit as well.

  5. Cool down: Let them cool down before you put them on! It doesn't take long, just a few minutes can save you from a burn.

That's it! Once you've done it a couple of times you can whip through ironing a pair of jeans in just a few minutes. They look and feel so much nicer with that little bit of extra effort.


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**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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