Jeans Care - Remove Rust Stain From White Jeans

I think everybody should have a great pair of white jeans. Keeping them looking great can sometimes be a challenge though. Finding a rust stain on your favorite pair of white jeans can be heartbreaking.

Rust stains may not be the easiest type of stain to remove, but it can be removed.

There are a few methods to try, depending on the severity of the rust stain on your jeans. Don't use bleach. Bleach will react with the rust and will almost certainly make the rust stain worse.

Methods To Remove Rust Stains From White Jeans:

The methods listed are safe for white fabrics, but test them on an inconspicuous spot on colored fabrics.

  • Lemon Juice: Suitable for light stains on delicate fabrics. Spread stain over a bowl of boiling water and sprinkle it with lemon juice. After a few minutes, rinse well and repeat if necessary.

  • Lemon Juice and Salt: Sprinkle the stain with salt and rub it with lemon juice. Place in sunlight keeping it moist with lemon juice until the stain goes away. Rinse well.

  • Cream of Tartar: Cream of Tartar is a powder that you can find in your local grocery store's spice section. For extensive staining, boil in a solution of 3 tsp cream of tartar per cup of water. Rinse well OR if less extensive, dampen stain, spread with cream of tartar, hold in steam from boiling kettle. Rinse immediately until the stain goes away. Do not use on fabrics that can't be washed in hot water.

  • Rit Rust Remover: Inexpensive easy solution, just follow the directions on the box. For use on white fabrics, excluding silk and wool.


That's it! Hopefully one of the methods managed to help you remove a rust stain from your white jeans.


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**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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