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I've been asked many times, by people who have splashed bleach on their jeans, if they can be dyed to fix them.

There is no easy answer to this question, but there are a few things that might work to allow you to dye your jeans to cover a bleach spot.

First you need to understand that bleach will degrade the fabric of the jeans unless it is neutralized. Even if you manage to cover up the spot(s), the area that was affected will be weaker and more prone to wear, depending on how long the bleach was on the fabric before being neutralized.

Neutralize The Bleach:

There a a few different products that will neutralize the bleach and the quicker you apply them to the spot(s), the better for the fabric. First is a product called Anti-Chlor, which most of us don't have, so I usually use the hydrogen peroxide that I have around for first aid. It will neutralize the chlorine bleach and stop any further damage to the jeans. You can also use products that are oxygen bleaches such as OxyBoost that will also neutralize the bleach. If nothing else, at least rinse them in water thoroughly as soon as you discover the spot(s).

Prepare and Dye Jeans:

Since fabric dye is transparent, the final color is the original color, plus the dye color. If you dye the jeans without first matching the spot(s) to the jeans or matching the jeans to the spot(s), the spot(s) will still show.

In some cases the solution is as simple as a fabric marker. If the color of the jeans can be matched with a fabric marker or a Sharpie laundry marker, then it may work to draw on the spots and then dye the jeans.

This is by far the easiest method, but it's not always possible. If not, then you need to try and bleach the whole pair of jeans to match the spot. I prefer Rit brand Color Remover as I feel it doesn't degrade the fabric. You can use bleach, but you need to neutralize the jeans again after applying it. The jeans will be degraded, but it's still better than throwing them out. Once you have the color removed, dye the jeans.

The last method is one I'm not very familiar with, but it could be the most fun. There is a dyeing technique called low water immersion dyeing. With this method the jeans do not come out all one smooth shade of color anyway, so the spot(s) are just part of the finished result and won't show.

Hopefully one of these methods will allows you to fix the bleach spot by dyeing the jeans!


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**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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