Jeans Repair

Jeans Repair

How to Repair Your Jeans | Levi’s How to Repair Your Jeans | Levi's®
Wear and tear just adds character. Learn how to patch jeans in this step-by-step DIY jeans repair tutorial. Follow along as a Levi's Master Tailor shows you how to keep your favorite jeans looking good.
How to Repair Your Jeans  How to Repair Your Jeans
Professor Pincushion
Theres no need to toss those holey jeans anymore. Watch this tutorial and learn how you can repair them. Make those favorite pair of jeans last longer than ever.
Easy DIY Jean Repair Hacks | How To Revive Your Jeans! | Robeson Design  Easy DIY Jean Repair Hacks | How To Revive Your Jeans! | Robeson Design
Live Your Style
I hate when the belt loops on my favorite pair of jeans rip, or when my zipper always looks like its down because it pops out, or when my zipper is actually down because its a tad lazy! These quick tricks will help you take care of those common problems and hopefully help you save your favorite pair of jeans!
Darn crotch jeans sample  Darn crotch jeans sample
Judith Turner
If the inside leg/crotch area of jeans wears out, generally they are thrown away. But what if they are favorite jeans, like in this case where one of my clients asked if there was any way I could repair his jeans. Of course they are not going to be perfect. The fabric has faded because it has rubbed against itself, however, they can be darned so that they can be worn again.
How to Fix a Jean Zipper Off Track  How to Fix a Jean Zipper Off Track
UCAN Zippers USA
We all have our favorite pair of jeans and that is why it's SO devastating when the zipper busts! Check out this video on how to fix a jean zipper that is off track to get you back into your favorite pair....TODAY!


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