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One of the reasons that jeans are such a wardrobe staple is because they're so versatile. Accessories for jeans are as important as the jeans themselves.

To decide which accessories will create the style you want, you first need to pick your jeans.

In general, jeans that are faded, or a light wash or with distressing, have a casual or urban vibe.

Medium wash jeans or cropped or capri jeans tend to be a moderate style that works with the widest range of accessories to create the maximum potential for versatility.

Dark wash jeans, trouser style jeans, tend to suit a dressier or business look the best.

Jewelry is probably the first accessory that comes to mind, other accessories are often overlooked. Belts, purses and footwear play just as an important role in creating a finished look.

Shown below are some very basic examples of putting together different looks with your jeans. I'm hoping it will get you thinking about your accessories as a grouping. Sometimes mixing dressier items with more casual items is it's own look, but each accessory still needs to relate to each other and the jeans.

Examples of Accessorizing Your Jeans To Create Different Looks

  • Fun and Casual:
    A cute pair of ballet flats
    A sling or backpack pack style handbag
    A bright wide belt with fun designs

  • Chic and Versatile:
    A classic boot in a medium heel height
    A leather of faux leather satchel
    A classic thinner belt in black

  • Urban and Sexy:
    A hot pair of stillettos
    A sparkly or metallic clutch purse
    A shiny medium width belt or a belt with gold links

Accessories For Jeans

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