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Girls or Juniors or Women's (Misses) Sizing

Female jeans sizing can be confusing. No jeans fit the same, regardless of what the size on the tag says. Not only are the terms girls, juniors and misses (or women's or ladies) jeans complicated, they're not consistently applied. With that in mind, it still helps to understand how the terms are generally applied to jeans sizing.

Girls - Juniors - Misses Jeans

Juniors sizing runs larger then Girls (7-16) sizing but smaller than Women's sizing. A girls size 16 is NOT a Juniors size 16! And a Women's 10 is NOT a Juniors 10!

First of all, Girls sizes are marketed for young girls, usually pre-teens (usually size 7-16). Juniors are marketed for the teens and usually are styled for a body conscious fit, fitting tighter around the curves (usually run in odd sizes only from 1-15). Women's or Misses sizes are for those looking for a clean look, not quite as tight fitting as the Juniors clothing (usually run in even size from 2-16).

It is hard to compare sizes due to fluctuation in different brands, but usually a young girl that can wear a Girls size 16 MAY be able to also wear a Juniors size 0 or 3. That same girl probably can't wear any size in Women's sizing. 

Also, a teenaged girl that wears a Juniors size 15 MAY be able to wear a Women's size 12 or 14, but will not be able to wear anything sized in a Girls sizing.

I recommend googling (searching the internet itself) by the brand you are interested in. If you find the brand at a store website, it will usually have the brand in the correct location. For example, if you normally wear a Misses size 12 and are looking at a brand called GLO Jeans in a size 13. I recommend searching for GLO jeans on a search engine. When looking at your search results, you will notice that almost every site mentions "teen" or "juniors" and a couple say "kid". The ABOUT GLO link on the Glo Jeans website itself says that they are manufactured for the Juniors size group.  That tells you that as a 12 Misses, these jeans would not work for you.

For help with jeans sizing, see Jeans Size Charts.


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**This site contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links


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